Essential Oils

Once upon a time ago, I got really into essential oils. I even signed up to sell with one of the larger companies. And then I found it was so expensive and kind of cold turkey quit. Lately I’ve been re-interested in them. I’ve been looking for a non traditional way to help my husband with back pain. Just something extra to help knock the edge off on bad days.

So I started my internet search to find the PERFECT essential oil brand. Holy Smokes- there are a bunch of them!!! I think I have found one though.

I love that you can use oils for skincare, healthcare, aromatherapy, household cleaning, and more! I even found a recipe today for beard wax which I plan on making!

But one serious need I have is a diffuser. I’m not sure why I haven’t invested in one yet. I have two travel size ones that I use occasionally.

It seems that the benefits of oils are endless….and so are the selection of oils.

I’d love to hear from YOU!!!–Do you use Essential Oils?– what do you use them for? (no sales pitches please!)b81f031b-dab6-485f-b2af-40a620320630


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