November is National Adoption Month.   We adopted our oldest son, now 5, so this topic is near and dear to my heart.   One of my good friends challenged me to write down our story:  why did we decide to adopt, why we chose foster care, and what was the journey?   To all the birth parents out there that made the decision for adoption-  Bless you!  Bless you for choosing life and bless you for making that hard decision for your child.   For all the adoptive parents– Bless you!  Bless you for making the decision to open your hearts and your homes.   And for all the adopted children out there– Bless you!  You are LOVED!

We started to try to get pregnant early on in our marriage.  We knew there would be some obstacles since I was diagnosed with endometriosis.   We were unsuccessfull after a considerable amount of time.  We even consulted a fertility doctor, did a couple rounds of clomid, and one IUI (Intrauterine insemination).   After no luck, we started to consider adoption.   My two cousins were adopted, and I had another cousin that adopted her two children.  Adoption was a loved option within our family already.   We went to a few seminars on the ins and outs of adoption.   My husband was really leaning towards foster care– he knew there was a great need in our own town.  We signed up to take the classes to become foster parents and I was still hesitant.   After our first class I knew I had made the right decision.  I had goose bumps the entire class and felt fire in my heart to be the best foster parent I could be.    Shortly after we were certified as foster parents we received a placement of a two year old girl.  She came to us in August of 2011.   Then in September 2011 we got a call of a baby that was to be born later in the week and asked if we could also take him in.  OF COURSE!   Having two kids in my home, I felt whole finally.  I knew I was supposed to be a mother.      The little girl eventually returned home to her biological parents and is still there today.    Shortly after Jacob turned one, his adoption was finalized.  He was always part of our family and I loved him as my own, but now we had a piece of paper that said he was ours.

Jacob is the youngest of 6 siblings.  It has been challenging to explain to him that he has brothers and sisters not living with him and what adoption is.   He sees his siblings from time to time and really enjoys knowing them.   He has met his biological parents, but currently is not in contact with them.  We continue to talk about adoption with him and let him know his story and how loved he is.  We celebrate his “gotcha day” every year with a big family dinner.

The road to the finalization of his adoption was a rough one.  Those details are part of his story and one he can tell later if he chooses.   Just know, that even through all the heartache, I wouldn’t change a thing.  I love Jacob so much and I am so thankful for him every day!   Adoption is not an easy decision.  Its long, its messy, but the rewards are so great.

Not everyone is ready to adopt.  But today, would you consider it?  Would you consider advocating for adoption?  Would you consider praying for the birth parents, and the adoptive parents, and the children?


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