Snotty Noses

Tis the season for boogers, snot, coughing, and red noses.  My oldest started preschool this year and kindly has brought home all sorts of illness.   We’ve had the cold a few times already and its only OCTOBER!    A few years back we discovered Boogie Wipes.   I seriously use these on my own nose.   They smell so good and are soft.   They miraculously dislodge dried snot and help to prevent the red nose that a regular tissue creates.   We keep a big container on the counter and have a travel pack in each car.   I really recommend these to any family!   And just so happens, they are having a giveaway to win a year’s supply of Boogie Wipes, plus a Target gift card.  WOO HOO!   Enter HERE.   Contest ends 11/1/15.

Booger facts:  Colds are the most common illness among children of all ages and they last about a week. Statistics show that preschool-aged children have around nine colds per year, kindergartners can have 12 colds per year, and adolescents and adults have about seven colds per year. Cold season typically runs from September until March or April.

Check out a coupon here to try Boogie Wipes today!


*These opinions are my own. I’m not being paid or reimbursed in anyway for this post.    Boogie Wipes Contest


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