Moms, Unicorns, and Big Foot

My husband and I started trying to have children when we were 21.  We wanted to be young parents.   Fast forward 9 years.  I FINALLY have two beautiful boys.  One through adoption and one through IVF.  I’m not such a young parent…..they are 4 years old and 6 months old.   There are days I feel 80 and have no energy.  Other days, I just want to laugh and play all day long with them.     That leads me to Unicorns and Big Foot.   Moms are SUPER cool.  No really.  I put mothers right up there with magical, beautiful unicorns and the notoriously strong Big Foot.

On any given day, I am known to do multiple loads of laundry, feed hungry tummies, quiet the raging tantrum beasts, kiss boo-boos away, generously give away love, and problem solve for my house.

Jacob, my 4 year old, is in that stage where he thinks he can do everything by himself.  He doesn’t need my help to use the potty, walk down the precarious stairs, cut up his sandwiches, or brush his teeth!   Benson, my baby, thankfully still needs me all the time!   I can’t believe how fast children grow up.  Blink and they are graduating high school.   With all my mother super powers, I still haven’t figured out how to slow time down.

A couple of days ago, I took Jacob to a new dentist.  He has a mouth full of cavities.   We walked in, checked in at the front desk, and moved to the waiting area.   He crept into my lab and tucked himself into me.  He needed ME!  I hated seeing him scared, but was so thankful that even as he gets bigger he knows I’m still his safe-house.   

Thanks buddy for making me feel loved, magical, and strong.  All with one little hug.


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